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Mexico Mission Trip 2023

Thank you to all who prayed for our missionaries during their time in Mexico! They have all made it back safely and their hearts changed forever. The sacrifices made on this journey are what made it a memorable and life-changing experience. Watch the Maria Vision Mission videos on YouTube or down below!

The Maria Mission helped more than 300 patients with dental check-ups, cleanings, and necessary procedures that helped all those that received them. Our missionaries were split up into three groups: one for spiritual help, one to help with roofing, and finally, the medical team. Each team was equally important in this mission and all missionaries were just as benefitted as those that they helped. 

Watch one of our missionaries share her experience on this physical and spiritual mission. For more videos from this journey, visit our YouTube page under the playlist

"Maria Missions 2023".

Thank you to all our donors and prayer warriors. Your generosity makes it possible for Maria Vision to continue to help those in need. Along with our trip, your donations have given thousands of rosaries to the people of Mexico. Thank you from the Maria Vision Family.

Thank you!

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